PRD: Protein–RNA interaction database

About PRD

Although protein–RNA interactions (PRIs) have essential roles in a variety of cellular processes, compiled data on PRIs at the gene level are scarce compared with protein–protein interactions, which have been intensively surveyed and accumulated in public databases. PRD is a database of PRIs at the gene level and provides information on PRIs described in the scientific literature. Currently, the database contains over 10,000 interactions. Each interaction is linked to genes, articles, and taxonomy names, with identifiers used in the NCBI database. Furthermore, each record contains detailed information regarding protein binding regions, conserved RNA elements, and detection methods (when available). Interaction data in our database were curated and stored according to the PSI-MI standard. Users can browse all recorded interactions and execute flexible keyword searches against the database via a web interface. Our database is not only a reference of PRIs, but will also be a valuable resource for studying characteristics of PRI networks. The content of the database will be continually updated.


Organism Interactions Gene pairs Articles
Homo sapiens 303 (164) 150 (146) 178 (111)
Mus musculus 51 (43) 40 (40) 41 (37)
Drosophila melanogaster 29 (25) 24 (24) 24 (20)
Saccharomyces cerevisiae 128 (29) 89 (24) 56 (19)
Escherichia coli 175 (32) 32 (30) 60 (15)
Other (17 species) 1,078 (100) 97 (88) 248 (66)
All 10,817 (340) 1,539 (310) 749 (250)

Parenthetic numbers represent the numbers of interactions, gene pairs and articles originally curated in our databases.