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Logical operator Sample queries
AND (default) elavl1 AND utr
elavl1 utr
OR (+) elavl1 OR elavl2
elavl1 +elavl2
NOT (-) Hu NOT human
Hu -human
Field Sample queries
Gene gene:hur
Gene symbol gene.symbol:irp
Origin origin:"escherichia coli"
Region region:utr
Motif motif:"iron responsive"
Experiment experiment:"uv cross-linking"
Biological function function:splicing
Entrez Pubmed PMID pmid:386275
Interaction ID
Source database source:prd, source:intact
More example Sample query
free text elavl1 human
gene and origin gene:"amyloid beta" origin:human
Filtering by origin (fos AND hur) AND origin:(human OR mouse)


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Source ID Protein label Protein origin RNA label RNA origin
PRD IMAS000361 mRBMY Mus musculus spa17 mRNA Mus musculus
PRD IMAS000360 TIAR Homo sapiens MKP-1 mRNA Homo sapiens
PRD IMAS000359 TIA-1 Homo sapiens MKP-1 mRNA Homo sapiens
PRD IMAS000358 TCP80 Homo sapiens MKP-1 mRNA Homo sapiens
PRD IMAS000357 HuA Homo sapiens MKP-1 mRNA Homo sapiens
PRD IMAS000354 Hzf Mus musculus C/EBPalpha mRNA Mus musculus
PRD IMAS000352 DDX6 Homo sapiens APP mRNA Homo sapiens
PRD IMAS000351 CELF2 protein Homo sapiens Mcl-1 mRNA Homo sapiens
PRD IMAS000350 nucleolin Homo sapiens Bcl-XL mRNA Homo sapiens
PRD IMAS000349 tristetraprolin Mus musculus CXCL1 mRNA Mus musculus