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Logical operator Sample queries
AND (default) elavl1 AND utr
elavl1 utr
OR (+) elavl1 OR elavl2
elavl1 +elavl2
NOT (-) Hu NOT human
Hu -human
Field Sample queries
Gene gene:hur
Gene symbol gene.symbol:irp
Origin origin:"escherichia coli"
Region region:utr
Motif motif:"iron responsive"
Experiment experiment:"uv cross-linking"
Biological function function:splicing
Entrez Pubmed PMID pmid:386275
Interaction ID
Source database source:prd, source:intact
More example Sample query
free text elavl1 human
gene and origin gene:"amyloid beta" origin:human
Filtering by origin (fos AND hur) AND origin:(human OR mouse)


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Source ID Protein label Protein origin RNA label RNA origin
PRD IMAS000082 hnRNP A1 Mus musculus mouse hepatitis virus RNA Murine hepatitis virus strain A59
PRD IMAS000103 tristetraprolin Mus musculus TNF-alpha mRNA Mus musculus
PRD IMAS000108 BARB1 Mus musculus beta-mtATPase mRNA Mus musculus
PRD IMAS000109 BARB2 Mus musculus beta-mtATPase mRNA Mus musculus
PRD IMAS000115 MSY4 Mus musculus protamine 1 mRNA Mus musculus
PRD IMAS000120 brPTB Mus musculus GlyRalpha2 mRNA Mus musculus
PRD IMAS000121 QKI Mus musculus MBP mRNA Mus musculus
PRD IMAS000171 hnRNP A1 Mus musculus CYP2A5 mRNA Mus musculus
PRD IMAS000177 Akap1 Mus musculus Lpl mRNA Mus musculus
PRD IMAS000178 Prkaca Mus musculus Lpl mRNA Mus musculus